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Habitrol 1mg Lozenges
Habitrol 2mg CLASSIC gum
Habitrol 2mg LOZENGES
Habitrol 4mg CLASSIC gum
Apo-Cetirizine 30's (generic ZYRTEC)
Apo-Loratadine 10mg ( aka CLARITIN)
Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit 4 week kit
Habitrol 2mg. FRUIT
Habitrol 2mg MINT
Habitrol 4mg. FRUIT
Habitrol 4mg MINT
Nicotrol 2mg Classic
Nicotrol 2mg MINT
Nicotrol 4mgClassic
Nicotrol 4mg MINT
Remifemin 60's
Telfast ( aka Allegra) 180mg 30's

Smoking Addiction- Fagerstrom Test  operates from  a New Zealand pharmacy offering big savings on pharmacy products to US and international citizens due to the weak New Zealand dollar. All medicines displayed on this site are available without prescription in New Zealand. Further, all products available onsite are non-prescription medicines in the US, - we do not knowingly ship US prescription meds to the US.  We have been e-trading for over 12 years. Trust our experience.

Our new site is very close to launch - we're just performing our last behind-the-scenes testing.

Your previous order history will not be carried into the new site so if you need records for tax purposes we recommend you download the relevant records now.

The new site will be easier to navigate and select product, offer a higher level of security and also make re-ordering a very simple process indeed. We think you'll like it :)  Benefits Include :

  • All products listed onsite are non-prescription items in New Zealand.
  • Automated highly secure credit card transactions
  • Habitrol gum - a proven, effective and cost-efficient way to quit smoking
  • All medicines have risks and benefits. Purchasers will be deemed to have read the relevant product information on site. We advise you inform your medical practitioner of any products you are using from this site.

We advise that you only purchase from websites showing full contact details.

Featured Products

Habitrol 4mg. FRUIT

Habitrol 4mg. FRUIT

4mg FRUIT. Choose your order size free shipping

From US$28.74 to US$603.52 USD
Habitrol 1mg Lozenges

Habitrol 1mg Lozenges

Mint-Flavored Nicotine Lozenges. SugarFree

From US$16.42 to US$541.94 USD
Habitrol 4mg MINT

Habitrol 4mg MINT

Habitrol 4mg MINT Choose your order size. Free shipping

From US$28.74 to US$603.52 USD
Apo-Loratadine 10mg ( aka CLARITIN)

Apo-Loratadine 10mg ( aka CLARITIN)

Claritin - non-dedating antihistamine

From US$12.32 to US$56.66 USD


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